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2018 Recap!

Wow - it is hard to believe that the 2018 wedding season is over (and that this is my first blog on the new website - oops). I, along with my assistants Morgan and Emily, had the pleasure of planning and coordinating 18 amazing weddings this year. Each one was so unique and beautiful its hard to pick a favorite! Check out some of our amazing weddings from this year below. This isn’t even a representation of all of them! I am still going thru photos and finding my favorites!

Another highlight from 2018 was that Bit By Bit had 3 different weddings published! We had weddings in Kentucky Bride, Bridal Bliss, and on the Style Me Pretty Blog! Each of the weddings featured had so many unique details that it was a joy to be able to share those with the world!

We continued to grow and our 18 weddings this year was the most weddings we have ever had. Two weekends we had back to back weddings, which wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of assistant Emily! She jumped right in on her first wedding and was a complete asset the entire Summer Season. Assistant Morgan joined us for two weddings, and in 2019 will be soloing her first wedding under the Bit by Bit Brand!

The fall season of 2018 was a hard one, with my husband Logan having an accident just prior to a wedding, which ended up in him losing 4 fingers on his left hand. This most definitely was the low point if the entire year, but my clients are the best and were totally understanding. It was definitely a trying time, but we are doing pretty good now!

We currently have 11 weddings booked for 2019, with the ability to book a few more on select dates. August and September are not able to be booked , so we apologize for that inconvenience but will post more about that later! One highlight we already have for 2019 is my sister is finally getting married after what will be an almost 3 year engagement! I’m so excited to play both planner and MOH - I apologize in advance to the coordinator at Moundale Manor - I can’t turn my OCD off……

For 2019 we are also bringing back our full service planning package to accommodate brides in 2020 who want full service planning! In a few weeks I am sitting down with my good friend Kelsey Malicote from Seed and Harvest to really work on a business plan for Bit by Bit. The ultimate goal from the beginning has always been to coordinate weddings full time, but personal things have kept me working both weddings and my other job. Last year was hard doing both, so this year the hope is to jump in full time when the time is right. Kelsey is the perfect person to help me crush my goals, and I am so excited to start this journey with her!

Our weddings for 2019 are already shaping up to be amazing! We will be at the gorgeous Polo Barn at Saxony Farms 4 times this year (literally just need to move in to their new amazing guest house), along with some other amazing venues. I’m coordinating 4 weddings for old friends of mine, which is one of the greatest joys I have in this job - seeing my friends get married. And being the official wedding planner for Mystic View ( a road down at Lake Cumberland that a lot of friends have house on), we have two more Mystic View weddings planned for the year!

I have a lot of goals for 2019 - most of them revolving around growing Bit By Bit. I am also going to try my best to up my website and social media game and to keep things current around here! As we continue to grow I am also going to be very intentional with my time and carve out “work” and “family” time. My hope is to find a work studio where I can go a few times a week to have meetings and to work from, so when I am at home I can be fully present with my little family! So if you have a space you are willing to rent in the Winchester/Lexington area, let me know!

I so hope that this new year brings you everything you wish! And if you are reading this and are engaged, lets chat about how my team can help you in 2019 and beyond. We are booking a few more dates for 2019, and have opened up 2020 for bookings as well! June and October always fill up quick, so if you are interested give me a shout. Initial consults are always free and we would love to talk with you about your wedding. As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way!


- Angela

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